• About Us

    Where there's a need there's a way. We recognized a need in the painting and decorating niche and we found a way to fill it. After years of working for painting contractors and seeing them fail in certain areas of customer service, we realized that what was missing was a combination of commitment to promises and respect for clients' premises.  We have done a lot of professional painting work, commercial and residential, and we decided to focus on providing paramount service in that niche. We love the comfort and pride of interior decorating, the sense of accomplishment that painting provides, and we know how to treat people. By combining our love for painting and decorating with our strong customer service skills, we put Women in Rollers together and are enjoying every minute of utilizing our synergy of experience and capabilities. We treat you and your home with respect. You needed us. We're here for you.

    Introducing Our Proud Owner, Pamela Delaney

    pamela2Pamela is known as a "Renaissance woman" with a range of talents all generally associated with the arts. She is an accomplished, award-winning writer who has penned countless articles for newspapers, magazines and websites, many of which are home design and renovation media. She has a keen eye for design, colour, balance and style, and she applies that to every project. She's also really fussy about details and cleanliness. Pamela got her start in painting doing stage sets, and that evolved over the years into people gingerly asking if she might paint their interior rooms, too. It blossomed from there. Pamela sees her painting career, and Women in Rollers, as a perfect balance to her writing life. One is broad-stroke and gregarious, the other solitary and introverted. As well as painting, she performs colour consultations and floor plan suggestions, and sews items such as draperies, Roman blinds, throw cushions, and other household fabric items. Pamela makes sure her two collies, Fiona and Skye, and three cats, Willow, Esmée and Jack Sparrow - Pirate Kitty, do not get involved... Paint pawprints are cut, but... In her spare time (what little she has!), Pamela enjoys art, theatre, films, music (classical and jazz, mostly), wines, gourmet cooking, travel and playing badminton. She was born in the U.K., spent her young life in the Toronto area, and part of her adult life soaking up theatre in Stratford, and has lived here in Nova Scotia since 2007. Pamela was educated at the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD), the University of Toronto, Ryerson Polytechnical School (now Ryerson University), and Athabasca University, where she continues on-line degree courses. She started Women in Rollers in August 2012. Questions about the Competition We are often asked to recommend other paint contractors in order for customers who are shopping for the best price to get competitive quotes. We are always hesitant to recommend our competitors, for obvious reasons as well as comparison issues. Our explanation: some paint contractors, like us, base their quotes on a flat-fee basis; others charge by the hour, some of them seeming to be very inexpensive. Our flat rate is guaranteed unless we require additional paint, which we sell to our customers at our contractor discount. A contractor who delivers a bid at, for example, $12.00 per hour, but takes 100 hours to do a job we quoted at $800 is not a bargain. Also, there are so-called paint contractors who remain dormant most of the year, but like dandelions, their signs pop up on every street corner in late April. While claiming to be university students doing summer work, they receive minimal training and are paid minimum or low wage, so you can well imagine the standard of their performance. When the weather turns chill, they vanish again. We have a few colleagues that we think are terrific, and if we are unable to fit you in to our hectic schedule, we will suggest them on an individual basis. But the solution to that is simple: call early and get us to quote, schedule and perform your job. There's nothing like 100% genuine Women in Rollers!