• Cabinet Refinishing

    cabinet4Nothing will transform your kitchen (or bathroom, walk-in closet, laundry room) like a cabinet upgrade, but the cost of replacing cabinets can be exorbitant. If your existing cabinets are solid, but lack the look you’re after, we have the special equipment to prime and paint them (any colour you can imagine!), totally transforming the look, and creating a more current look for about one-tenth of the price of new cabinets. We remove the doors and in some cases the drawer faces, and take them to our shop, where we use a special primer to kill the wood stain, where knots and striations show through, then apply a bonding primer and two coats of amazing Benjamin Moore “Advance” self-levelling paint in your choice of colour(s). We use a precision-directed spray and also bring that into your room to use the same process on the framework. In a few days, your old wood cupboards have a fresh new appearance. It takes about one week to properly cure the new coating, but you can still use the cupboards in the meantime, just taking care not to bang or scratch surfaces. The Advance paint product is highly durable and the spray application makes them smooth and beautiful. The addition of new hardware (we have access to the gorgeous hardware line from Hickory hardware) will result in an even greater impact. Women in Rollers is pleased to provide this service to our clients. Please call 697-2926 today for your free estimate. We can show you examples of wood cabinet doors that have been transformed by our process, and help you choose the perfect colour for your project.