• Gallery

    A tiny extra closet was removed to create this vignette with suede paint and metallic fleur-de-lys stencilling.
    The diamond pattern on the cabinet front complements the neutral walls and horizontal stripe.
    An awkward corner window in a narrow stairwell gets new life by being the focus of the space.

    Before and After Images

    Before: The circa 1975 kitchen looking dated.
    After: Clean and modern in black & white.
    Before: The dining room as we prepared to paint.
    After: The atmospheric dining room at dusk.
    Before: A very small single bedroom decorated for boys.
    After: Faux-suede paint and a horizontal metallic bar make it seem bigger.
    Before: The living room is ready to paint around this dated fireplace.
    After: Painted columns and a modern wall colour transform.
    Before: A boring dining room with awkward features.
    After: The homeowner wanted drama and got it!
    Before: This peach wall was dirty and designated for artwork display.
    After: Now it has the pizzazz to make a great gallery.
    Before: Built in shelves and white fireplace with peach walls are too feminine.
    After: Coordinated with the rest of the room, this treatment transforms.
    Before: The original guest room had dated pink-printed wallpaper. Yawn...
    After: By using light fabrics contrasted with wall colour we got balance.
    Before: The galley kitchen looked dated and small with its strawberry wallpaper.
    After: It opens out and works much better in clean lines of black & white with accents.
    Before: .
    Before: .