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    Our head office is moving between Saturday, September 29 and Monday, October 1, 2018. Our internet and telephone services will be down for a few hours on Monday, October 1st, so please bear with us. We will be back “live” at some point that day. If you need to reach us instantly, please call Pamela on her cell at 902-300-8907. Thanks!

    Black is the New Black

    Black has always been a mainstay of design — clothing, cars and interiors (and in our case at Women in Rollers, cats!) — but it has often served as an accent colour, or applied to fabric and finishes for furnishings. People were afraid of it, thought it was morbid. Pshaw! Not any more. Black is rocking the paint world.

    Accent walls and entire rooms (remember CONTRAST is key or you’ll feel like your house is perma-Halloween!) are being given the black groove. It’s a solid anchor colour, even though it isn’t really a colour, per se, but the complete absence of colour.

    Where does it work? It’s stunning on a wall where white or silver and grey accents stand in the foreground. Around a white fireplace surround. On kitchen cupboards. On the front door of your house in Benjamin Moore’s glossy Grand Entrance paint (pricey, but high-impact). On floors (we painted pink ceramic tiles (yes, you read that right) in the one bathroom in our new head office/show house, switching them to black and it rocks!). On industrial style ceilings (it hides all the mechanicals), and on doors and some trim.

    But the new trend for black is to decorate entire walls with it (keep the trim crisp white, ditto the ceiling) and often to use a matte finish. Wow factor galore! Machine art wall with a completely black aground and hang a collection of black and white art prints and etchings on it. Wowzah!

    Black, like its related dark colours, raced, so it actually makes a room seem bigger.The beauty of black is that it goes with absolutely everything. And it classes up anything it touches. So, be a Mick Jagger, and paint it black. You’l find blacks with undertones of blue, red, purple,green and brown. Try these fabulous blacks from the Benjamin Moore colour collections:

    Black (yes, black!) 2132-10 Witching Hour 2120-30 Black Satin 2131-10 Jet Black 2120-10

    Women in Rollers is excited to announced that we have just won the contract to paint the new Church Brewing Company location In Wolfville. An old stone church (not unlike The Church Restaurant in my old home Stratford). A brewery, a dining establishment, and a lovely lounge in a historic building. The owners have put their souls (and cash) into this project and they will be serving our wonderful local wines, too, for non-beer-os like me. Very Proud! Can't wait to finesse this spectacular project! Opening toward the end of September. I'll let you know the exact date. Cin-cin!

    Happy 6th Anniversary to Us!

    On August 12th, Women in Rollers celebrates its 6th Anniversary. Like any business, when we started it was a struggle to attract new clients, prove our mettle and grow, but we really found our niche and are happy to serve our wonderful customers. We’ve made our greatest strides in growth through client referrals and we send out a big thank you to those who became our fans. Watch this website for first news of a few additional services, coming this fall, that will enhance our existing base and continue to provide top-notch customer service. Thank you all for your patronage! Pamela and the Crew.

    Exterior Painting Season Starting to Wind Down

    This heat would make you think there will never be a comfortable day again, but it’s coming — you know it – and the exterior painting season will be wrapping up before you can shake a paint brush (please don’t!). If you want Women in Rollers to handle your exterior painting job (or you just need a quote to get a sense of the probable cost) please contact us as soon as possible. Our exterior painting season officially ends October 31st. With global warming, in recent years we have managed to fit a few jobs in for November (one in December!), but we do not count on that, so let us know when you want your personalized quotation for the exterior of your commercial, retail or residential building. Call 902-697-2926 to arrange an appointment. We have already booked a few exterior jobs for April 2019, so remember, the exterior season is short and gets booked out quickly. We still have a few slots available for September and October. Call us now!
    It’s always nice to have a woman’s touch around the house, and Women in Rollers was conceived to add that feminine je ne sais quois to your interior painting and decorating projects.

    We go the extra mile to ensure our customers have a superb  experience in home decorating.

    • We prep and paint, and we leave your place clean!
    • Count on us to keep appointments for quotes and to show up on time when we do the job.
    • Rely on our expertise to advise you on the right paint and finish for the job, and to discuss cabinet refinishing and wallpaper options, too.
    • Our keen eye for design will help make the most of your room; our experience in renovations comes into play when you have flaws to cover or issues with light.
    • No more messy paint jobs with hours of clean-up for you! Trust the care of your home to us.

    Call 902-697-2926 now to arrange your Free Quote!

    Do you like great rewards?

    Even if you have never hired us to paint for you, but you know the quality of our work, you can refer us to your friends, family and colleagues and get a monetary reward! If we are hired by a person that you referred to us, upon completion of the job, we will pay you 5% of our net labour fee, to a maximum of $300. Now that’s saying “thank you” with cash!

    Women in Rollers is proud to use and promote the complete line of paints from Benjamin Moore. Why?

    Let’s start with the facts:

    Due to environmental and health concerns, paint companies had to revise their formulae to omit oil-based paints for interior applications effective 2010. Moore stepped up. They delivered the optimum lines of water-based paints that perform with the tenacity of their oil-based predecessors.

    It’s the best paint on the market, period, and because we know how it performs, we can accurately quote our labour time for any given job. Even the contractor grade of Moore paint applies and adheres and cleans better than the top of the line of most other brands. The cost-effective line “Ben” is excellent for budget projects; perfect for students. Great coverage, and like all Moore paints, available in thousands of colours.  The middle-grade paint, “Regal” offers superior stain blocking, a reasonable price, and great coverage. “Aura”, the top of the line, is essential for applications in kitchens and bathrooms, and affords a quick dry time and exceptional coverage; its price is a bit higher, but worth every cent.

    It is available in good supply, in stock with our paint suppliers on a regular basis, and easy to access. The warehouse is in Dartmouth, so even if we have local supply issues, they are resolved in 24 hours.

    The products are diverse. We can get rub-on, wipe-off wood stain, the best ceiling flat ever, eggshell finish wall paint, floor paint, the only real solution to the elimination of Melamine cabinet paint, and much more. Moore has surfaces covered.

    We do not receive any form of kick-back, but we do get a discount that all paint companies give to contractors; we pass this on to clients. The best for less. Nice.

    Bottom line: we can count on Benjamin Moore paint. We’ve worked with it for years and we believe in it. So much so, that we do not guarantee any job in which we do not use Moore paint. We believe in it that much.

    Worthy of note! Is your chosen colour from Behr, BeautiTone, PPG, Sico, or another label? No sweat; we can match any colour, even Farrow & Ball.

    We always discount the retail price of Moore paint to our cherished customers. It’s a win/win.

    So… Why would we use or recommend anything else? We're professional painters; we use professional paint!